Tennessee woman diagnosed with ‘ghetto booty’ by idiot doctor

By 07.17.13

Terry Ragland went to a doctor looking for an answer as to what was causing her back pain. When her doctor answered, the sh-t hit the fan.

hot booty

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Ragland told WREG of Dr. Timothy Sweo, “He said ‘I know what the problem is. It’s ghetto booty.’

“I think I blacked out after he said ghetto booty.”

Ragland had previously had solid experiences with Sweo and was horrified at his “diagnosis” as well as his suggestion for treatment after the woman was x-rayed.

“He said there’s no cure for it but I could give you something if you’re having pain,” said Ragland.

Ragland told the office’s manager what went down with the good doctor and the woman allegedly apologized for the situation.

Sweo himself sent a letter to Ragland a few weeks later saying that he had attempted to “take a technical conversation about [her] lower back and make it less technical.”

Sweo explained to WREG that he was referring to a curve in her spine that makes the butt protrude more, resulting in chronic lower back pain.

Ragland didn’t accept Sweo’s explanation that he didn’t see what was so offensive about his remark and filed a formal complaint with the state.

Spoiler alert: The less said about Ragland’s booty, the better.

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