Texas high school bans religious banners from football games

by 5 years ago
Jesus banner

KashRules305, IMGUR (http://imgur.com/c6dfk)

In a move that will certainly draw criticism, a Texas high school has banned signs containing words about Jesus and Bible verses. The decision was made by the district’s superintendent after he received a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. A foundation, not surprisingly, that focuses on the separation between church and state.

On Thursday, a judge granted a request by the nonprofit Liberty Institute law firm to temporarily bar the implementation of the ban. It also set a hearing for early October when the sides will be able to make their arguments. The cheerleaders planned to raise their 20-foot banners at Thursday evening’s junior varsity football game.

So this is going to get ugly. Real ugly in fact. If you were sick of this being an issue, just wait until it’s asked at one of the presidential debates.

Aside from that, my biggest question here is the enforcement of the ban. The superintendent can easily say he’s following the court order and just turn a blind eye when the banners go up. Then what, he gets fired? Somebody gets an injunction and prohibits the team from playing? The school loses public funding?

Seems like a slippery slope. And all for what amounts to an innocent banner about a man, religion aside, who preached about loving everyone, including your enemies and turning the other cheek when faced with violence.

Yea, we’re teaching our kids a solid lesson here you guys.

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