10 of the hottest MILFs in sitcom history

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Not a lot of explanation needed here. These ten TV moms make tuning into the boob tube just that much more enjoyable. Most of us weren’t fortunate enough to have friend’s growing up with moms that could have posed for Maxim magazine in between tee-ball games and Cub Scout trips. In a perfect world, every guy would have a friend with a “MILF” as sexy as these women of the small screen.

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10 Peg Bundy – Married with Children
Peg Bundy looks like a woman you’d find at Costco buying hair spray in bulk only to completely neglect buying any food for her family. But there was something about that mountain of red hair and those spandex pants that was attractive… in a flea market kind of way. Peg was lazy, selfish and seemed to be disinterested in anything Al or her kids had to say. Which is exactly why you’d probably have a chance with her, she was just waiting for somebody to unleash her wild side.

9 Angie Lopez – George Lopez
Oh, George Lopez, you crazy Chicano, how do you ever put up with your alcoholic mother and condescending father- in-law? Oh, that’s right you’re married to a hot wife who makes living with two kids and annoying parents at arm’s length bearable. Angie kept the blood pressure of male viewers rising to the tune of “Low Rider” for six seasons on George Lopez.

8 Marge Simpson – The Simpsons
There aren’t a lot of cartoon mom’s out there: Wilma Flintstone, Betty Rubble, Peggy Hill, and Lois Griffin. But Marge is in a field all her own. She’s patient, responsible and slightly neurotic with a bit of a gambling problem. She may look like the typical Springfield housewife, but there’s a reason Homer J remains loyal and true. She’s known for getting down in public places and rocks the blue hair like nobody else.

7 Nancy Botwin – Weeds
Without a doubt the sexiest drug dealing soccer mom in suburbia. Widowed Nancy hasn’t had much luck with men over the past five seasons. A corrupt politician who tried to kill her and a D.E.A. agent husband who was murdered, Nancy definitely comes with a bit more baggage than your average single mom. Don’t think courting her is going to be a bed of roses, the woman creates drama and lives in a world that’s about to unravel at any second. On the plus side, you’ve always got a good hookup.

6/5 Gloria Delgado and Claire Dunphy – Modern Family
Claire and Gloria are pretty new to TV land but certainly make Modern Family enjoyable to watch. Claire is a bit anal retentive and very athletic which translates to an animal in the bedroom, who will tell you to take off your shoes before entering the house, then promptly rip off your clothes and give you a workout. And how lucky can Ed O’Neill be, to be in his 60’s and with possibly the hottest woman on a sitcom right now? She’s got to be the second most popular export to come out of Columbia.

4 Samantha Stephens – Bewitched
It’s been forty years since Samantha made witchcraft sexy on Bewitched, but she’s still reason enough to tune into Nick at Nite. She was constantly making Darrin’s life miserable with her magic spells and evil mother dropping in, but would always save the day in the end. “What?! Darren’s boss is coming to dinner and the roast isn’t even cooked, oh whatever shall I do…?” Wiggle, wiggle. Elizabeth Montgomery’s flirtatious nose wiggle was irresistible and made her the hottest black magic mom in primetime.

3/2 Sheila Keefe and Janet Gavin – Rescue Me
If you looked up the term “crazy bitch” in the dictionary you’d see pictures of Janet and Sheila… taking pills… and trying to strangle each other. It’s easy to argue that Tommy Gavin drinks because of 9-11 or losing his son, but there’s no doubt that these two women are a factor. The psycho gene only adds to their bad girl sex appeal. Should you be lucky enough to go home with one of these MILFs make sure you locate the closest exit, should you wake up in a drug haze in the middle of a blazing inferno.

1 Becky Katsopolis – Full House
The lyrics “I wish that I had Jesse’s girl” never rang so true. Becky was the only reason to tune into to Full House and put up with the rest of the obnoxious cast. Becky was the hottest mom on TGIF and stole the hearts of millions of pre-pubescent teenage boys for eight seasons while shacking up with that two-bit jingle writer, Uncle Jesse. Tune into the revamped 90210 to catch Lori Loughlin in full fledged cougar form still making the men say, “have mercy.” Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

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