The 50 best College Football GIFs of 2012

by 5 years ago
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The wild and wacky, the highlights and lowlights and the very best and worst of the college football regular season. Take a look at these 50 moments.

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What better way to start than with Mr. Football himself.

See, even Natalie approves.

There are no words for how incredible this was.

A dreadful year from the Spartans but not for their star RB, Le'Veon Bell.

That's just scary.

Adding live animals to the GameDay broadcast was genius.

Except she didn't say fudge.

Or maybe he's just riding the bull?

The man's simply fun to watch.

Fat ginger on a pole was undoubtedly the best part of NC State's season.

Check out the brains on Ryan.

No, seriously you guys, he said he didn't do anything wrong yet apologized for it.

It's like a pseudo tip drill.

Excuse me, excuse me--you just got knocked the f-ck out.

Take note of his douchebag buddy.

Some more hilarity from the GameDay crew.

The "Leaders and Best."

The start-stop along the sideline was just spectacular.

Oklahoma State's Josh Stewart with the unheralded catch of the year.

One of the only highlights from the B1G championship game.

This is just your garden variety touchdown run and...wait, he pulled a hammy?

And they later lost the game.

Wait, this one didn't work. Nevermind.

Can you imagine losing a conference championship on a boneheaded play like this?

Michigan's Brady Hoke gets intimate with ref.

Florida needed this miracle to beat UL-Lafayette.

Did somebody send this to Herbie?

MSU drummer has skills, UM drummer eats a chicken wing. Advantage MSU.

It's his birthday dammit, he'll do what he wants.

From a highlight to a lowlight in a matter of seconds.

And he's going commando.

Pretty sure that's not how the forward pass is supposed to work.

This is how you drop a wide open touchdown.

This is how you take out three guys during a fight.

This came at the end of a rather meaningless game but amazing play nonetheless.

"You shall not pass", says the Red Raider.

We started with Johnny Manziel and we end with Johnny Manziel.

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