7 events you should avoid at all costs

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Events to Avoid

Ryan Resella, Flickr

Life is short -- or so the liberal media claims. Don't waste yours attending bad events. Instead, spend your time coming up with creative excuses for why you can't attend socially-obligated events. After all, no one wants someone with pink eye and gangrene coming to their birthday dinner.

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Digging For Fire, Flickr

Housewarming parties are by far the most passive-aggressive way to ask for a gift. The invitation might as well say "come see my new apartment, I really need a mini-fridge next to my couch, pick it up for me on the ways, k thanks." Make your dislike for the event clear by finding the closest thing to white carpeting in the apartment and walking all over it with your muddy shoes.

Photo credit: Digging For Fire, Flickr

Lost Phone

Patrick Hoesly, Flickr

Lost my Phone, Need Digits Facebook events should be deleted immediately. Those people aren't tricking anyone when they ask all 500 of their Facebook friends to leave their numbers on the event wall. It's the easiest way for the creepiest people to get access to the 498 numbers they didn't have before.

Photo credit: Patrick Hoesly, Flickr


David Sifry, Flickr

A Bris makes all men cover their balls and all women shield their eyes. An especially brutal one can even cause women to grab their their non-existent balls. With the exception of the stars of To Catch A Predator, no one enjoys watching a rabbi sharpen his penis clipping tools.

Photo credit: David Sifry, Flickr

Apple Debut

acnatta, Flickr

While going to a new Apple item debut is the best place to see how many virgins can wait in a three-day long line, it's a bad place to spend a week. There's no need to camp out out on a dirty sidewalk for an expensive new product that will be six times cheaper within a few months. On the other hand, it's a great excuse to not shower, shave, or feel embarrassed about your Star Trek action figure collection.

Photo credit: acnatta, Flickr

Art Show

Wonderlane, Flickr

Whether you friend is an aspiring artist, singer, ice dancer or any combination of the three, do not go to the event. Odds are high that your friend will suck and you'll be forced to come up with genuine-sounding praise. No one wants to spend their night repeating "I liked it when your voice alternated between the low baritones and the high-pitched dolphin calls."

Photo credit: Wonderlane, Flickr

Speed Dating

Ryan Resella, Flickr

Speed Dating is a last-minute attempt to meet someone before you finally admit to yourself that you will spend the rest of your life living in your mom's basement. Unless you have the most amazing personality in the world, there's no way you're going to meet someone worthwhile. And lets face it, if you did have the most amazing personality in the world, you wouldn't be reading this list, let alone speed dating.

Photo credit: Ryan Resella, Flickr


wrightbrosfan, Flickr

Graduations are by far, the most boring event in the entire world. There's a lot of name-calling, a lot of walking-across-the-stage, and way too much polite clapping. If you can't convince your family member to skip their commencement ceremony (it's totally for lame losers man), then pull the ole coming down with the bubonic plague excuse.

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(Originally published on April 14, 2010.)

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