The Dipr: An easy way to take the joy out of childhood

by 5 years ago

Dunking Oreos in milk is a pastime that even lactose intolerant kids will pursue. If “The Dipr” has it’s way though, all of that joy and happiness will turn to sorrow and mockery.

First of all, unless you really like black dust on your fingers, you’re going to need a napkin. And if your hand is too big to fit in the glass, start using a bowl. There’s nothing shamefully about essentially eating Oreo cereal. I’m also skeptical that this travesty even works well. Either they got stiffed on the cream portion of those cookies, or they scrapes some out to make it appear to function better. I’ll bet 1 out of 3 cookies falls off and sinks to the bottom. Now you either chug the milk or waste a cookie. These aren’t decisions that the youth of America should be forced to make.

If you really can’t stand using your hand, there’s also the classy technique.

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