The Eatwave vending machine nukes your Hot Pockets for you

by 5 years ago

If you’re at work, you’ve forgotten your lunch, and you can’t afford to go out for it, you’ll be faced with eating from the vending machine. While there’s nothing wrong with frozen food, it does kind of stink that you’ll be stuck having to waste time nuking it.



Technology that caters to our laziness to the rescue!

The Eatwave vending machine is fairly simple. It’s your typical refrigerated vending machine, like you’ve seen at your job, but the microwave is built directly into the machine. You buy your food, it drops, it nukes, and it pops out ready for you to burn your tongue on.

Granted that throwing something into the microwave and pressing a few buttons was never complicated, but this might be useful in places that don’t want a publicly accessible microwave around, such as airports. It also lets some places save space.

And if nothing else, petition hard enough for this thing and you will never, ever have to clean your office’s disgusting microwave after Tammy from Accounting nukes her chili without a paper towel over it ever again.

EatWave [MarketWatch]

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