The future of video game visuals is still impressive and creepy

By 12.17.12

Remember earlier this summer, when Square Enix released the Agni’s Philosophy tech demo, which flexed their upcoming, next-gen graphics engine? Well here’s a closer look.

Courtesy of All Games Beta are the character models. First the rather pretty on the eye lady…

And next, the dude…

It’s worth noting how these are real time models. Yes, you’ve certainly seen characters with as much detail in cut scenes, but in an actual game environment? Remember, there is a distinct difference.

And yes, we’re not really seeing them being manipulated with a controller in the clips above, but they’re supposed to be real time renders. But yeah, are you impressed? Creeped out?

They somewhat remind me of Gollum in The Hobbit. I don’t know about you but [SPOILERS] when he had his big scene with Bilbo, I couldn’t make heads or tails what riddles he was saying because I couldn’t get over how life-like his animation was.

But that was clearly a non-human character, and didn’t bother me. But the pair from Agni’s Philosophy? That’s a bit different.

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