The iPhone 5 isn’t nearly as good a deal as the iPod Touch

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Yeah, yeah, Apple debuted a new iPhone today, I’ve been neck deep in iPhone rumors for months. It’s not exciting to me. You know what is?

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The newly “remixed” iPod Touch. In fact, the Touch may turn out to be a way better deal than the iPhone.

Why? The Touch is essentially an iPhone 5 with a slower processor and a better camera. The Touch is admittedly not as fast: It has the dual-core A5 chip, which is a generation behind the A6 chip in the iPhone 5… but it was good enough for the iPhone 4S, and this has the same form factor as the iPhone 5. The camera, however, has fewer megapixels. This is actually a good thing: More does not equal better with tiny sensors. It has iOS 6 and will be able to run any app on the App Store.

The price is $299 for a 32GB version… but it doesn’t come with any sort of contract. But what about, you might be wondering, the “phone” part? Easy: There are several solutions on the market for the old version of the Touch, using everything from VoIP to 4G cell plans, and I doubt they’ll be resting on their laurels.

In other words, for the same money, you can easily get what amounts to what we should call an iPhone 4.75. And if you hate contracts, it’s worth it.

iPod Touch [Apple]

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