The Ndamukong Suh media coverage reaches ridiculous level

by 5 years ago

Ndamukong Suh swerved and sped on a Detroit area road. He was issued a ticket. Apparently, this constitutes national news as this local FOX report was picked up USA Today, Pro Football Talk, among others.

“The charges that were issued on the ticket, we’re looking to make sure the charges fit,” said Lathrup Village Police Chief William Armstrong.

The officer thought they did, but the chief is not so sure. He’s reviewing the dash cam video and claimed the officer that pulled Suh over can be aggressive when it comes to writing tickets.

“Quite frankly, the way that the ticket was written I don’t necessarily agree with, but if the city attorney agrees, it would go forward as it’s written.”

Looking at his history, Suh appears to be a pretty crappy driver. Perhaps even one of those assholes you’d want to run off the road. But this? Nah, this story reeks of “local station digs up BS because they have nothing else to report.” The fact the ticket hasn’t even gone through the process is more proof the media coverage of Suh has reached levels not seen since, well, ever.

Yesterday, Pete Prisco of CBS argued Suh’s dirty play in the Thanksgiving game was worthy of another look from the league after a hog-tie tackle of Schaub.

It was a dangerous play for sure for Schaub, who could easily have torn up a knee or broken a bone.

No doubt the play looked ugly. A lot of tackles in football do. It’s a violent game played by violent people. But this play didn’t result in an injury. The hog tie isn’t nearly as devastating a blow as say, a submarine tackle. A move that’s ended more careers than concussions.

You wanna talk dirty Pete? Why don’t we talk about Jared Allen ending a guy’s season and putting his career in jeopardy with a blindside block to the head. Seems like a bigger deal.

Ndamukong Suh might be a good person, he might be a bad person. I’ve interviewed him on a number of occasions and he seems pleasant enough to talk to. None of that matters and quite frankly, I don’t care one way or another.

What I do care about is BS media coverage. Coverage that seems slanted, biased and/or ridiculous. All of which we’ve seen regarding Suh since the Thanksgiving incident.

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