The New York sugary drink ban entertainingly explained

by 5 years ago

Now that the New York City sugary drink ban has been approved, people want to know exactly what it means for them. And remember, knowing is half the battle.

Let me start by saying that I think this ban is pointless and a waste of time/money. Limiting the calories ingested from an ice cold Coca-Cola Classic to 150, down from 310, at McDonald’s while someone is sitting there hammering out a 750-calorie Double Quarter-Pounder with Cheese is pointless. That’s like banning the double cheeseburger but featuring the two cheeseburger meal. Yes, it will certainly limit the amount of calories people consume via soda, because we’re lazy, but the impact is negligible. Plus the extremely limited scope of the ban makes it effectively useless.

The main claim behind this whole ordeal is to make sure consumers are informed. If that were really the case, wouldn’t a mandate requiring food establishments display calorie content do the exact same thing? I’m not a conspiracy theorist or anything, so I don’t think Nanny Bloomberg has ulterior motives, I just think he has his head up his ass.


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