The Nexus 4 is sold out, but should it be?

By 11.14.12

In case you hadn’t heard, the hot new phone is the Nexus 4, from Google. But it’s less about what’s inside the phone and more about what you pay for it.



The phone itself is pretty typical: It’s got a quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, the latest in Android, pretty much the usual stuff you would expect when Google announces a new smartphone.

The downside is that it lacks 4G, since currently 4G in the US is largely limited to cities. It’s a sensible choice that keeps costs down but it is pretty weird.

OK, so why is this thing sold out online and why are people lining up at T-Mobile to buy one today? Pretty simple: It’s dirt cheap as smartphones go. If you buy the phone, that’s it. It’s $300 up front but the phone is yours free and clear. No contracts, no subsidies, no commitments: You can do whatever you want with it. It costs half of what some phones cost without a contract.

So basically, if you want to save some money and hate contracts? This might just be the phone for you. That said, it’s sold out, so keep an eye on Google’s Play site if you want one.

Nexus 4 [Google Play]

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