PC gaming may finally win the fight against consoles

by 5 years ago

The console vs. PC gaming wars might soon be over, thanks to Valve’s upcoming console-like device.


For ages, PC gamers have bragged about superior hardware and, to a certain extent, superior software. But the vast majority of us still prefer gaming on a console since we also prefer our comfy couches and nice big HD TVs, as opposed to being chained to a computer, because that’s where most of us spend all of our time, at work.

But the one ace in the hole that PC folk have long enjoyed is Valve’s Steam, which is the number one platform for digital distribution. And remember Big Picture, which gives their client a front end that’s very console-like? It’s officially here and works great, yet getting one’s PC in the home office or bedroom to interface with the monitor in the living room can be awkward at best.

Wouldn’t it be great if Valve simply made a dedicated machine, almost like a console, that simply lived in the living room? According to The Verge, that’s exactly what’s happening. Details are sparse, like when it’s coming out, but Valve’s working on figuring a way to ensure that its 1,800+ games on their marketplace will work well with just your controller in one hand, a beer in the other.

And given the pure numbers of flat out awesome games, which are generally far cheaper than what you’d find on consoles, the Steam console has the potential to give Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo a massive headache when it finally materializes.

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