The penis-powered video game we’ve secretly wanted is a finally reality

By 02.13.13

Because I can’t be the only person who has wondered when video games will become advanced enough to allow virtual sex via a device that wraps itself around one’s penis.

Courtesy of Kotaku comes word of Custom Maid 3D, an exceptionally generic sounding game, with an even more generic sounding premise (at least if you’re half as familiar with erotic Japanese games as I am).

You create a polygonal plaything from scratch (who are sometimes referred to as your daughter, to help make things even creepier than it already is), who you get to watch do a sexy dance for you. Like the following example…

Yes, it’s pretty lame, but much like the story bits in porn, it’s also just a formality. Because the real meat and potatoes of the game is the ability to have sex with your customized hottie. And the most recent edition ships with the following curiosity…



Called the Ju-C Air (great name, I know), it’s a compatible wireless masturbation toy that will respond to whatever you’re doing… basically how fast and how deep you’re strokin’ it… and the girl on screen will react according.

I believe it also works in reverse; if she’s doing something in particular with her you know what, the controller should simulate the sensation.

When society officially crumbles, due to men being too enthralled with the ability to have virtual coitus with anyone (or anything) they want, to a scarily realistic degree, the above will be attributed as the very start of it all.

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