The Popinator will shoot popcorn at you, one kernel at a time

by 5 years ago

I’m always eating popcorn and going, “This is great, but this experience would be even better if the popcorn were shot at me by a machine.” My not-actually-true dreams are now reality…meet The Popinator, an “automated snacking device.”

Voice activation and activity automation are both very cool things. But do you know how awful most people, myself included, are at catching food in their mouth? Have you ever thrown a snack in the air and tried to catch it? No simple task. I guess my point is, I’d really prefer to not pay money to get salty snack treats shot at me just to find new and technologically advanced ways to embarrass myself.

If the Popinator is real, you’ll find more about it on the Popcorn Indiana Web site.


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