‘The Power of Bacon’ is my kind of power ballad

by 6 years ago

Continuing this week’s unnecessary bacon coverage, a woman has made a parody of Celine Dion’s The Power of Love entitled The Power of Bacon. This chick has a deeper love for bacon than you or I will ever know.

The one problem with this video is that the song sucks. The lyrics are great, but I try to limit my Celine Dion aural exposure to zero times per year. It’s as if I can feel Canada laughing at me the entire I watched the video. The song when on my phone though because there will eventually come a time when my non-existent girlfriend wants to slow dance in my living room. I’m going throw on The Power of Bacon and see if she even notices. Maybe this is why I’m single.

The Power of Bacon [TheHairpin]

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