The science behind New Belgium’s new glassware

by 5 years ago

You’ve undoubtedly seen a globe shaped beer glass. Other than wanting to look cooler than you actually might be, there are real reasons you should use one. New Belgium’s head scientist is here to explain.

Everyone who reads Guyism knows by now that I’ll drink anything from a Busch Light to a Dogfish 120, and I have no problem chugging out of a Dixie Cup if that’s what’s on hand. If I have the option though, I’ll always take what’s closest to the proper glassware. I have a decent selection lying around the house, and it really does make a difference if you are drinking for taste rather than alcohol. If you’re hammering out a Bud Light, a chilled pint is your best bet. But if you’re sipping Stone’s Double Bastard, a tulip/snift/globe will prove beneficial.

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