Shavetech razor looks, by total coincidence, like an iPhone

by 5 years ago

Huh. This razor looks like an iPhone. Boy, that’s a strange coincidence! I wonder how that happened!

Sarcasm aside, though, this actually looks like an electric razor worth using.

Shavetech does everything but yell “It’s a SHAVEPHONE!” in their amusing promo video:

Leaving aside the faux iPhone look, though, there are a few good ideas here. As owners of electric razors can tell you, packing them can be a pain in the ass: They usually need some form of charging station, they’re bulky, and they’re annoying.

This, however, is, well, it’s iPhone sized and shaped, so it’ll pack much more flatly. Even better, though, is the lack of a charging station.

Seriously, charging stations, at this point, are useless. No gadget should have one. Just use USB and be done with it. Which is, actually, exactly what the Shavetech razor does. Just plug the thing into a USB port and be done with it: It’ll charge up and you don’t have to worry about it or remembering the charging station.

Granted, it is kind of dorky to shave with an iPhone knockoff. But hey, at least it’s practical.

Shavetech [Official Site]

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