‘Sporty Sexy Sweat’ mod for ‘Skyrim’ is exactly as the name implies

by 5 years ago

If you’re a fan of Skyrim but have always felt it’s a tad bit lacking, like in the profusely sweating department, then look no further.

Some folks make mods to create new content (or in some cases, a whole new game), others to add that fine detail that’s sorely missing. Often to make thing seem a bit more realistic. Or in this “Sporty Sexy Sweat” mod’s case, a bit more sweaty.

And to be honest, a half naked chick that’s dripping sweat seems a bit out of place, where everyone where big and bulky armor. Not just to stay safe from errand sword swing or dragon bites, but to also stay warm (the place looks on the chilly side).

But this is a video game we’re talking about after-all…

The description of the mod (which can be nabbed here) is as follows…

Sporty Sexy Sweat is an specular texture mod which will enable sweaty wet body for your favorite female character. Your character will have a sexy glistening wet skin which will enhance the realism, sexiness and all the fine details of the skin.

And clearly, everyone at least in the comments section agrees. My favorite one, thus far…

This is spectacular I am lubricating all over the floor

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