‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 episode 4 recap: Choices

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The Walking Dead


Now that we’ve seen civilization, how are our friends in jail holding up? Last week we left Rick and the group behind to follow Andrea and Michonne to Woodbury, the Governor’s bucolic (and creepy) little town. Wonder what they’ve been up to?

Glenn and Maggie seem to be making the best of it, as they get caught humping in the guard tower. But the two surviving convicts come over to complain that life all alone in the other cell block sucks ass. Our guys convene to discuss letting them join up, but Rick is steadfastly against it, and he’s basically the dictator of this hot mess now. Wonder how long that’ll last.

In good news, Hershel is up and moving around. In bad news, he, Carl and some of the other survivors get ambushed by a gang of walkers while the rest of the guys are far away. A bloodbath ensues, with Carl popping a serious number of heads himself while Rick, Daryl, Glenn and T-Bone race to get to them. In the melee, T-Bone gets bit on the shoulder, and there’s no saving him.

We also get a bit more of Andrea and Michonne in Woodbury, with Andrea starting to get used to the Governor’s hospitality. Michonne is a little less enthused, however, and starts seeing holes in his story. Hope her head doesn’t wind up in a tank.

After the walkers get cleared out, an alarm starts to go off, and the noise naturally infuriates all of the walkers in the vicinity, who start to converge on the prison. Rick grabs Oscar and they run off to shut them down. Meanwhile, Carl, Maggie and Lori are locked in a room where Carl is about to learn a lot about where babies come from, as his mom is about to give birth.

Rick, Daryl and Oscar reach the alarm room and find the dude who turned them on – it’s the skinny dude who ran off when Rick killed Tomas two episodes ago. He gets the better of Rick, but Oscar puts him down, understanding that Rick is the guy in charge. The alarms are turned off and things should be OK on that front.

Lori needs to get that baby out, but it’s not coming naturally. All of Carol’s practice giving zombie C-sections is for naught, as she’s not there and Maggie has to make the cut. The baby comes out alive, but Lori doesn’t look so good – with no blood and no anesthetic, she’s about to turn into a zombie. “No more kid stuff,” Rick’s voice echoes in Carl’s head, and we hear a single gunshot. Holy crap, dudes.

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