‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 episode 5 recap: Party Time!

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The Walking Dead


Let’s have a big party! The dead are going to kill us! So we open up in Woodbury, where the citizens are gearing up for a hoedown! Meanwhile, the Governor is having some quality time with the animated corpse of his daughter, who he wraps up in a straightjacket with a bag over her head. That’s cool, dude. We all love our kids. He then spots Michonne looking up at his window from the street, which means hopefully this is the episode where some poop is about to go down between those two.

Back at the prison, the baby is out and crying while Daryl and Maggie head out to get formula to keep it alive because there aren’t any milky breasts to suckle on. Meanwhile Rick has totally lost it, charging into the bowels of the prison with an axe to decimate any walker that crosses his path. He’s obviously looking for Lori’s body, but it’s not where Carl left it, which means that little man might not have nailed the headshot. Rick then finds a bloated zombie nearby and cuts it open to see if his dead wife is inside. Jesus, did I just write that sentence? This show, man.

Back in Woodbury, Michonne breaks into the Governor’s house to get her katana back, but manages to eavesdrop on a meeting she shouldn’t have heard. Clyde wants to finish an “experiment” but is worried there won’t be enough power to do it after “tonight.” Oh boy, creepy foreshadowing! Michonne wants to get the hell out of there, but first she frees a bunch of walkers to give her sword a workout. Unfortunately, she’s spotted and brought before the Governor to talk it out. Andrea and Michonne have a falling out over it, and since neither of them know about the severed heads in the tanks I’d think smart money is on Michonne being right.

And just to nail that point home, we head out to Merle and Clyde out in the wilderness capturing walkers. They let one bit down on Merle’s prosthetic and pull its teeth, obviously “neutering” it for service like Michonne did. Back in town, Michonne and Andrea have one last argument, with Andrea not wanting to go back out in the wild “eating sticks.” She’s suckered in by the whole deal, but Michonne wants nothing to do with it and leaves without her.

Meanwhile, Daryl and Maggie are searching a preschool hunting for baby formula. A scary behind-the-door noise reveals an opossum, which Daryl of course shoots for dinner. They get back inside the prison safely and get some grub into that child, with Daryl taking the baby and calming it down. Daryl for President of Zombie Earth 2016.

And now it’s party time in Woodbury, with the whole town up at night and rocking out. There’s bonfires and good times for everybody! And then we find out what we do for fun around here, as Merle and another dude jump into the middle of the street and fight each other surrounded by zombies. Just as a general rule, when a show has a “fight club” episode it automatically jumps the shark. Andrea isn’t into it, but the Governor tells them it’s staged, with the walkers having been de-fanged.

At the end of the episode, we go to Rick, bloody and crazed in the bowels of the prison. A phone next to him rings. He picks it up. It’s the Jerky Boys! No, just kidding, we don’t know who it is. Who do you think it is?

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