‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 episode 6 recap: 1-900-You’re-Dead

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The Walking Dead


It’s all falling apart, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We open up with Merle and some guys on Michonne’s tail, and she’s left them a message – “GO BACK” spelled out in corpse parts. Before you know it, she’s jumping out of the woods and killing his cronies, but he gets a shot off in her leg and the chase is on. Merle and his crony eventually run her down but are run down by a gang of walkers, allowing Michonne to make her escape. Merle wants to head back, saying that Michonne is “headed straight for the red zone,” but his buddy wants to keep after her. Merle, of course, isn’t having it, so he just shoots the dude in the head and goes home.

Back at the prison, Rick is on the phone with a mysterious woman who won’t say where she is. He tries to convince her that they should let his group in, and she says she’ll ask her group and they’ll call back. When they do, it’s a man, and he asks Rick if he’s killed any people. Rick tells the truth, but the man then says “Tell me how you lost your wife” and things get uncomfortable. Meanwhile Carl and Darryl are having a little bonding moment about both having dead moms, which is pretty intense. The woman calls back, but somehow she knows Rick’s name, leading me to believe that he’s just lost his Goddamn mind. And lo and behold, it’s true – the fourth call is “from” Lori, sending Rick into tearful despair.

Back in Woodbury, Andrea is starting to blend in just fine, learning how to use a bow so she can man the barricades. The girl she’s paired with has a big fancy compound bow but can’t shoot for crap, so Andrea jumps the wall and stabs a walker in the head to prove a point, which doesn’t go over well. The Governor calls her on the carpet to discuss her actions. The two end up making out, of course, because that’s what happens in a fallen world.

And then we get a moment we’ve been waiting for, as Michonne spots Glenn and Maggie on a supply run. Unfortunately, so does Merle, who gets the drop on them and then puts his gun down. Michonne sees them speak friendly and assumes that Glenn and Maggie are on his side, which is a problem. They’re not, obviously, and Glenn insists that he wait there while they get Darryl. Merle gets his knife on Maggie, though, and things get real bad real fast. He brings them back to Woodbury, where he interrupts the Governor’s coitus to tell him the news. But Merle doesn’t have Michonne’s head nor sword, so the Governor is pissed.

In the episode’s biggest shocker, Daryl actually finds Carol alive, locked in a saferoom in the prison. This is pretty awesome! And then Michonne shows up outside of the fence with the basket of formula. I smell a war on the horizon. Great episode – moved everything forward, nobody acted like a complete idiot. Sometimes that’s all you can ask.

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