‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 episode 7 recap: This Means War

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The Walking Dead


Michonne is at the prison. Glenn and Maggie are in Woodbury. Let’s go! Season 3 of The Walking Dead has been such a staggering improvement over the second season that it’s kind of insane. Every episode is going full-on balls-out, and this week was no exception.

We open up with Glenn in custody in Woodbury, with Merle talking some smack to him before laying some smacks into his face. Looks like we’re getting some straight-up torture here, as the Woodbury crowd wants to know the location of the prison so Merle can get his revenge on Rick. He really does a number on him, beating him bloody as Maggie watches.

Back at the prison, Michonne is doing her best to fend of the walker hordes until Carl and Rick come to her rescue, popping caps and exploding heads. They bring her inside along with the formula she brought. They lock her up until they can figure out her intentions, but she sees the reunion with Carol and figures that they’re probably good people. She tells them about Woodbury and Herschel tends to her gunshot wound.

Rick and Daryl head out to run a rescue mission, telling Carl to keep everybody safe when they’re gone. They also discuss a name for the baby, with Carl wanting to name her Judith after his first grade teacher. Why not, we’re all doomed anyway?

Back in Woodbury, the Governor brings his new sex buddy Andrea into a room where the science nerd dude is tending to an old man. This is some deeply weird stuff, combined with ringing Tibetan prayer bowls. They’re trying to discover if trace memory and consciousness exists after somebody dies and is turned. Merle is upping the ante as well, bringing a collared walker in to chow down on Glenn. He actually manages to fight the zombie off, stabbing it through the head with a chair fragment.

The Governor then goes in to work on Maggie, telling her that it was all just a misunderstanding and they’ll take them back if she tells him where they are. She’s no dummy, though, so she doesn’t fall for his BS. He then makes her take off her shirt, because he’s a total pervert, and then proceeds to sniff her hair (always a creep move) and act like he’s going to rape her. She still stays tough, though, because Maggie is one of the show’s biggest badasses.

The rescue team, which also includes Michonne and convict Oscar, gets intercepted by a gang of walkers in the forest. They take cover in a cabin but find it occupied by a crazy-ass old man with a shotgun. With walkers outside, the coot makes a run for it only to get skewered by Michonne. They toss his corpse out the front, run out the back and split the scene.

Milton’s idiotic experiment comes to a close, with the moronic scientist releasing the new zombie from his restraints and forcing Andrea to bury a knife in his skull. This guy’s not very smart, is he? Who is smart is the Governor, who brings Glenn and Maggie together and threatens to kill him until she talks. This bastard’s going to get some serious comeuppance.

We end the episode up in the air, with Andrea in the Governor’s arms and Rick’s crew about to make their move. They’re outgunned and outnumbered – will they survive?

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