‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 episode 8 recap: Homecoming

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The Walking Dead


Everything’s falling apart, but what else is new? It’s the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead and they’re giving us plenty to chew on. We start the episode in full frenzy, with a totally new crew of survivors fending off a walker attack in the woods. They’re led by Tyreese, played by the boxer dude from The Wire. They stumble upon a wrecked wall leading to the back of… some fortified structure?

Back in Woodbury, the Governor shares a tender moment with his zombified daughter, singing to her in front of his severed head aquarium. Dude, why are you trying to reason with a zombie kid? You can’t even reason with a real kid. Meanwhile, Glenn unleashes his inner badass, ripping apart the corpse of a walker to pull out some bones to use as weapons. Damn, son!

Merle and the Governor discuss plans for the prison, with the Governor advising them to kill everyone inside, let the walkers take it back and nobody will ever know. Merle, naturally, wants to save Daryl from that horrible fate, but we’ll see if it happens. Rick and crew sneak into town to rescue Glenn and Maggie, but things quickly start to go south.

Back at the prison, Axel finally gets his time to shine with a pretty hilarious scene with Carol. It’s a nice respite from the unrelenting violence and grimness happening elsewhere, as Glenn and Maggie try to make their escape but are stopped by Merle and his boys. Thankfully, Rick, Michonne and Daryl show up with tear gas to bail them out. The Governor is frantically trying to keep things a secret from Andrea, which is kind of hilariously pathetic. Daryl wants to stay and reason with Merle, but Rick overrules him and the crew sets out to escape.

Michonne, meanwhile, is parked in the Governor’s apartment waiting for him. Of all the characters on this show that I would least like to piss off, she’s near the top of the list. Outside, bodies are hitting the floor as Rick and crew shoot their way out. Andrea, unknowing, is firing back, and the Governor convinces her they’re “escaped convicts.”

During the shootout, Rick glances off to the side and sees… Shane? Obviously not, as Shane is long dead, but this is just another symptom of our hero’s continuing mental decline. It does get Milton killed, though. Well, the show did introduce a black guy this episode, and we’re only allowed to have one, so…

Back at the prison, Carl and Herschel hear weird noises and Carl goes into the tunnels to investigate, finding the guys from earlier fending off walkers. Without Rick to be all bitchy, Carl takes charge and gets them to follow him back to their safehouse. On the way, Tyreese just straight-up cold-cocks a zombie in the face, which owns. GIF that, somebody.

Michonne, meanwhile, finds the Governors head room. Girl, you already knew he was mad creepy, this is just a bonus. She also finds the zombie girl, unlocking her from the chain before taking her hood off. She’s about to sword her down when the Governor pops in with a gun, making this the weirdest hostage situation ever. Michonne has no patience for that kind of jazz, so she just runs her sword through the kid and then has the nastiest fight this show has ever seen. Head tanks shatter (revealing the heads are still alive!) Faces get smashed into walls! Michonne ends it by grabbing a shard of glass and driving it into the Governor’s eye like a boss before Andrea shows up and chases her off. Damn. If you watched that scene without shaking your hands and making little whimpering noises you’re a better man than I.

Back at the prison, Carl mans up and locks the newcomers in until Rick gets back. Needless to say, they’re pretty pissed but little man won’t back down. Tyreese respects his authority, which is pretty cool. Andrea confronts the Governor about why Michonne was there (as well as his creepy hobby), but he still doesn’t fess up to nabbing Glenn and Maggie. Rick and crew are still pinned down outside Woodbury when Michonne shows up looking pretty wrecked. A tense moment ensues. Back in town, the Governor, newly eyepatched, gives a speech to his people about “terrorists” who “want what we have.” He then throws Merle under the bus, claiming that he led Rick’s crew to Woodbury.

The Governor’s men then lead Daryl in. Oh, this is bad. They better not kill either of these dudes. Andrea is justifiably totally freaked out, too. “You wanted your brother, now you got him” are the Governor’s last lines, and now we have to wait until February to see what happens next. Screw you, AMC! I mean, no, this is a great show, but screw you.

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