There’s a Trent Richardson sex tape out there

By 11.13.13

Trent Richardson hasn’t been very good, both for the Browns and the Colts. In fact, he sorta sucks. Hey, speaking of sucking, there’s a Trent Richardon sex tape out there. How’s that for a segue?

Trent Richardson


According to TMZ, somebody’s shopping the sex tape to the highest bidder. And not just your garden variety sex tape either, a full-blown Richardson 4-way orgy.

We know … someone is shopping explicit footage showing the former 1st round NFL Draft pick engaged in an orgy with at least 3 women.

The person who has the footage has already contacted various media outlets, including TMZ Sports … but so far, no takers. We’ve seen the footage — let’s just say Trent’s got a lot in common with the Colts mascot, if you catch our drift.

Get it you guys, Trent Richardson has a horse cock. That’s the message TMZ wanted to convey with the mascot joke. They’re the Dane Cook of internet comedians.

But back to that Trent Richardson sex tape….actually, no. I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to see it either. I mean, I might glance at it out of morbid curiosity. But like, if I wanted to see a horse cock, I’d just take a selfie.

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