They’d better bring the ‘Heavy Metal’ TV series here

by 5 years ago

Oh, I’m sorry, Metal Hurlant. Excuse me. Heavy Metal, if you’re not in the loop, is the absolute best sci-fi / fantasy comics magazine ever published. Since 1974, it’s been featuring the greatest artists in the world knocking out adults-only stories of gore, sex, and the future. An animated movie was made based on the magazine in 1981, with an awesome soundtrack, but now it’s turning into a TV series. And it looks balls-out awesome. Unfortunately, Metal Hurlant Chronicles hasn’t found a network to air on anywhere but France. Starring Michael Jai White, Rutger Hauer, Kelly Brook and Matt Mullins, it’s a heroic fantasy in the Game of Thrones mold. Who should pick it up here? Starz? FX? Let them know.

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