Thieves nab nearly $180,000 of Charlie Trotter’s wine

by 5 years ago

Famed auction house, Christie’s, has been caught with egg on their face after 60 cases of reknown chef Charlie Trotter’s wine were stolen in transit from Chicago. The full collection was expected to fetch one million dollars at auction.

Charlie Trotter

When Charlie Trotter decided to shut down his eponymous restaurant, he needed to do something with the 4,000-bottle strong wine collection he had in the cellar. He decided the best path was to go under the gavel at Christie’s. Little did he know that their sudden incompetence would lead to the disappearance of an entire pallet of wine. The $180,000 figure is just an estimate by me based on the percentage of the total collection taken and the expected overall value, but it seems like a reasonable assumption.

While I couldn’t fully appreciate half the wines in that collection, it’s still liver-breaking to think that some schmuck deprived wine-lovers of some of the world’s best bottles. Sure they’re just fancy rich people, but if spending a fortune on grapes is what gets them off, they should be allowed to do so at the highest level. And yes, Trotter’s wine was insured, but he’ll only recoup fair market value. As he himself pointed out, “Isn’t the point of an auction to get more than fair market?”

This is obviously an inside job, so I think it’s time to call in the experts. Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke can head up the investigation with help from Patrick Jane. Shawn and Gus can come along too for comic relief. If you have no idea what those previous two sentences mean, congratulations on watching a reasonably low amount of TV.



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