6 things that are now socially acceptable thanks to technology

by 4 years ago
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socially acceptable technology

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Ah the past; a simpler time when people didn't have the technology to hide their total assholery. Some things that were practically outlawed by societal norms are now allowed - all thanks to technology. Would you believe that these things used to be off limits in polite society?

woman chat

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Didn't this used to be illegal? In today's online world it's so anonymous that it's practically encouraged. Chatroulette practically became a household name through the sheer amount of unbridled wang being waved about to anyone who'd watch.


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Texting used to be just for quick messages - now they're for just about everything. Phone calls and voicemails are now too time-consuming and way too personal for all but the closest friends and family. But back 10 or so years ago, it was text messages that were shunned. How times have changed.

cell phone car

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This was a big deal in a Seinfeld episode, wasn't it? Believe it or not, back in the 90's if you were going to make a personal call to someone important, you'd do it while at home on your land line, not with your car phone or your mobile phone. Forgive us 90's, but we are all way too busy to be sitting at home making *involuntary shiver* phone calls.

working vacation

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Before the advent of the Internet, vacation meant "Go fuck yourself for X amount of days while I bask in the pre-global warming sun." Now, it practically means, "Go ahead and expect me to check my email just because I can."

working home

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In the past, "working" at home was for housewives who were busy baking pies all day or whatever non-gainfully employed women from the 50's were doing. Now, many of us with office jobs have the ability to work from home - and many do. Yay for Skype meetings while you're nude from the waist down!


Luke Hayfield, Flickr

Playing video games used to be something you did in preparation of never losing your virginity. You'd adjust your thick eyeglasses, rub your grubby claws together and prepare to teach those space invaders a lesson. Now, everyone and their grandmother plays video games. Triple-A blockbuster titles make more bank than feature films. The industry is so huge, it's practically collapsing on itself. So remember, being popular society's version of a "nerd" is actually cool now.

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