8 surprising things women appreciate you doing for them

by 5 years ago
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Dan Zen, Flickr

As you probably know, it can be tough to figure out what women want or need. And not just because some aren't good communicators, but because we can also be a bit dense when it comes to thinking outside of our own wants and needs. Here's a list of things women appreciate you doing for them that you may not have thought of, might not make sense at first or are risky but have the potential for a great pay-off.

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Breibeest, Flickr

Sometimes women appreciate honest advice about her looks. If she's wearing something that's not complimentary and you tell her, she might not be happy at first. But as long as you assure her of all the things you do find attractive about her, slip in some specific examples of ways she looks great and make sure to comment on her looks in a positive manner without her asking first then she may express gratitude. Then again, she might also decide to kill you in your sleep.

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Search Engine People Blog, Flickr

Show you're invested in her life by doing more than just listening; help her figure out the right course of action to take when she's in need of some guidance. But keep in mind that she may not be receptive to the same type of support a guy would. So talk it out instead of bringing over a case of Keystone and Top Gun on DVD.

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Smoobs, Flickr

Women love chivalrous behavior that makes you a gentleman in her eyes. Things like keeping her warm and opening the door for her are appreciated by pretty much all women (except maybe for feminists or insecure ones who don't want you treating them like they need to be taken care of.) And I mean you could rub her shoulders if she's cold, but you should probably save that until you're familiar enough with each other so you don't come off as some creepy guy who wants to cop a feel because he has a clavicle fetish.

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Bex.Walton, Flickr

Believe it or not, arguments are healthy. I'm not talking about excessive bickering, revenging on each other like you’re characters in a Shakespeare tragedy, or just being a dick. I'm talking about voicing concerns often enough that you won't be bottling up negative emotions that could come out in more destructive ways. Conflict resolution is a great way to feel closer. It's also a good way to weed out relationships that would never work. Unless you're both equally content to suppress your issues, then you'll never really know how you work together as a couple until the shit hits the fan. And the proverbial shit is bound to hit the proverbial fan at some point in a most spectacular manner. Be ready to deal with it.

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finditinmusic, Flickr

Sometimes you can get brownie points with your girl not only by taking an interest in her friends, but also by giving them good advice. But since this will be a window into your thought process behind different issues, you'd better be careful what you say lest you drop some knowledge that ruins your credibility or her respect for you.

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Dazzie D, Flickr

It's not hard to do this if she only has female friends. If she has male friends, though, you better lay down the law if you have any doubts about their intentions. Letting her have her friends and separate social life will show that you don't need to be there all the time and will allow you both the chance to miss each other.

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Nazareth College, Flickr

I'll start off by saying that doing something nice for another is NOT something done only to get something in return. Still, if you're in a situation where you don't ask much, yet she asks you to go out of your way all the time, then that dynamic may not work as time goes on. Asking her to reciprocate will help to give her a sense of purpose in the relationship; just like the purpose you're called to when she needs something.

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Phil and Pam, Flickr

If she's having trouble making a decision, offer suggestions. And if she really does want to work on coming up with a good restaurant, vacation destination, exit strategy for her job or whatever; just be sure to let her know that if she ever does want some help, then you’re the man with the plan.

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(Originally published on March 22, 2012.)

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