This lady is so obnoxious over a Dunkin Donuts receipt that you will die

By 06.10.13

Apparently there’s some sort of bylaw at Dunkin Donuts that says when you don’t get a receipt, your order is free. The woman in this video didn’t get a receipt and, naturally, she filmed an 8 minute video quest for justice that is painful to watch.

Holy shit what a twist at 4:32!



She’s actually not bad looking! I mean maybe it’s just my personal biases against people who go to these lengths to prove themselves right and get a free Coffee Coolatta but wow, that leveled me like an M. Night Shyamalan movie.

She’s still a horrible person, mind you, and this was painful to watch. But I’d buy her a donut bacon and egg sandwich in the morning, I guess. I hate myself for it.

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