TiBolt: Titanium bolt-action pen and tablet stylus with class

By 11.08.12

If you’re on the job, you need a good pen. Maybe not a Mont Blanc or something similarly flashy, but you need something better than a crappy disposable ballpoint. Enter the TiBolt pen, which might just be the best pen you can buy.

Tool dweebs like me have been drooling over the TiBolt for years. It was designed and until now largely built by Brian Fellhoelter, a tool designer who put together a titanium bolt action pen largely to amuse himself and then discovered nerds love titanium. Here’s a video explaining the pen:

The best part about the pen, in my opinion, is the capacative stylus nib on the end. True, you can just get the titanium cap, but it’s pretty easy to flip the pen around and use it on a tablet, and then switch it back to being an actual pen.

The best part is that this pen is essentially indestructible. I know, because myself and my equally clumsy friends have tried. It’s a great pen, and currently you can snag one for $99, about $200 off the price, at Fellhoelter’s Kickstarter. Don’t worry about funding: He met his goal in a day.

TiBolt [Kickstarter]

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