Time to check out the firepower that ‘Halo 4’ will be packing

by 5 years ago

For all the bitching and moaning about how goofy Halo 4‘s plot will probably be, the one thing people actually cares about is the multiplayer. Like what weapons will be at everyone’s disposal. Well, take a look.

First we have a look at the UNSC (that’s the United Nations Space Command, and not the United Nations Security Council) weapons. Including some standbys, like the trusty assault rifle, plus some new additions…

Next is the look at the Covenant’s arsenal. Again, there’s some old and some new…

And finally we have arms from the Prometheans, who are the new main bad guys in the upcoming game. To be honest, they all seem like UNSC and Covenant weapons, just with orange highlights…

Then again, knowing how pissy hardcore FPS shooters players, anything too wacky will likely cause a riot at Gamestops across America.

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