t’light: A desk lamp and a phone and tablet charger in one

By 11.19.12

If you own gadgets, you own chargers. This is problematic if you happen to own Apple products, since Apple refuses to get with the program and use micro or mini-USB chargers just like everybody else on the entire planet.


M&C Lighting

That doesn’t mean, however, you’re stuck with more cords on your desk, not with elegant solutions like the t’light.

The t’light actually is very clever in its design. It’s a fairly straightforward desk lamp, as you can see, and offers the same functionality as one. Like, swiveling the light.

But in the base are two functions. First, there’s a USB charging port, so you can hook up, quite literally, anything you want that accepts a USB cable to be charged. It even has a DC port, so you can charge your laptop as well.

Secondly, it’s a fully featured iPhone and iPod dock, complete with speakers. So, in one fell swoop, this light has freed up a bunch of outlets and gotten rid of your junky old iPod dock. Not bad for a device starting at $120.

t’light [M&C Lighting]

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