Toddler finds used condom on playground. It gets worse.

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When your kids are at a playground, you don’t expect them to find a used condom. Even worse? You don’t expect them to do what the daughter of Jacksonville’s Tiesha Sanders did.

Sanders’ three-year-old daughter was at a day care run by Jacksonville’s Head Start program. One of the day’s events included a trip to the city’s Robert F. Kennedy Community Center and Park.

That’s where Sanders’ daughter found a used condom. And ate it.

“I just really didn’t want that to happen to my baby,” Sanders told News4Jax.

But it gets worse. Sanders brought the condom in for testing, aware of some of the problems eating a condom could cause in a child. The condom tested positive for gonorrhea.

Now Sanders’ daughter has to be vigorously screened for STDs every four months.

Neither anyone running the Head Start program in Jacksonville or the staff in charge of the children was punished for the egregious oversight. Because the situation is the program’s first offense, they only received a warning.

So, in case you’re keeping score on some sort of “Is this condom situation funny?” chart…Kids eating a condom: Not funny. Dog eating a condom: Funny. Lawrence Taylor swinging a condom around over his head after sex with a prostitute: Hilarious.

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