Tom Brady says the Pats spoiled fans

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Tom Brady rant


The Pats struggled against the Jets yesterday but managed to pull out an overtime win, mostly due to Mark Sanchez’s shortcomings as a quarterback. At 4-3, the team looks nothing like they did a year ago and quarterback Tom Brady knows it. He addressed that issue in an interview on the Dennis & Callahan show.

“It’s a hard sport, man,” he said. “I’m telling you … I think there’s times where, like I said, we made it look easy at times, and it’s never been easy. There’s some years where things go a certain way, and there’s some years where they don’t. We’re in dogfights. That’s what it is, and that’s what it’s going to be. As a player, it’s not like we go, ‘Man, we’re just going to score 50 points this week.’ No, you’ve got to earn it. And you’re earning it against another damn good team.

“There’s some good teams. We saw some pretty good teams over the course of this season. We’ve been close at times. We’ve won some, we’ve lost some. Hopefully, we can win some close ones, because that’s what it’s going to take.”

Allow me to paraphrase Tom Brady for you Bostonians who are incapable of pronouncing the letter ‘R.’

I’m Tom Brady, I’ve taken this goddamn franchise to 5 Super Bowls in a decade and won three of them. If Wes Welker wasn’t such a dipshit, we’d have another ring. So, big deal, we lost a few close regular season games. Shut up about it. Nobody cares about the regular season except Peyton Manning.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going home to bang my smokin’ hot supermodel wife.

…or something to that effect.

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