Too bad Capcom doesn’t care about Mega Man’s 25th birthday

By 12.07.12

Hence why Mega Man 25th Anniversary is not coming from the publisher, even though some real deal game makers are behind the project.

Before Street Fighter, before Resident Evil, there was Mega Man. So it’s a crying shame how Capcom no longer gives a rat’s ass about the little blue guy that brought them to the dance in the first place. Though it’s mostly due to the fact that he’s a sad reminder of how they’ve officially run out of ideas. At least we have the following…

It’s not an official game, but a fan effort. Which, to be honest, are dime a dozen, who what makes this one so special? The people involved are all working professionals in the video game industry, which is somewhat unprecedented. I have to wonder how their bosses feel about their employees spending time, on a game that starts a (once) major mascot for the competition.

Also, unlike most rom hacks created by fans, this one also seems playable by someone normal and doesn’t appear to be brutally difficult. Thank God. A demo is due in ten days, on the 17th, which is Mega Man’s exact 25th birthday.

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