Torchy’s Taco Cannon is a culinary marvel

By 11.05.12


If there’s one thing the world needs more of, it’s tacos. What better way to distribute those heavenly hard-shells than in a giant taco cannon?

At 750 pounds and powered by a car battery and pressurized carbon dioxide, the cannon has serious muscle.

“It takes 40 pounds of carbon dioxide to get through three rounds of Gatling gun-style shots,” Mandrella said. “12 barrels in each round, so 36 shots total per round.”

The cannon can shoot tacos around 200 feet if the wind conditions are ideal.

Taco Bell may have dropped a food truck into Alaska, but that’s not nearly as efficient as Torchy’s aerial taco assault. In some twisted stoner universe, this was the logical next step to the t-shirt cannon. I think the next step is an obvious one as well. Hot Dog cannon. No longer will you have to wait around at baseball games for the right vendor to come by. With a wave of the hand, you can get your snack in a matter of seconds. As for the money, well, I haven’t figured that part out yet. I guess for now it’s free food for everyone!


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