Torque Pro: An app that talks to your car

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Most cars are capable of running diagnostics on themselves, and there’s no reason you, the consumer, can’t access that data. All you need is a device that plugs into your car’s ODB2 port (no, that does not stand for Ol’ Dirty Bastard, but we can dream), an Android smartphone, and Torque Pro.

torque pro app

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Torque is really just the same thing your mechanic uses to see what’s going on with your car, but much cheaper. In addition to tracking horsepower, torque, and other statistics, it can read your transmission temperature, tell you how much CO2 your car is belching out, how efficient your engine is, and more. You can use it as a blackbox or a more precise speedometer.

If you’re a total nerd, like me, you went down, plugged this in your car, and pretty much went to town. This is a gearhead’s dream, coughing up tons of data. On a more practical note, it’s also useful for getting a sense of how much the repair you’re going to be shelling out for will cost you, as it has a huge database of error codes and other information to interpret what you’re seeing.

In short, if your car comes from 2000 or later, this app is worth getting. The adapter for ODB2 from Bluetooth will run you $200 or so: Torque itself is $5.

Torque Pro [Google Play]

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