8 traits that can reveal a person’s inner character

by 5 years ago
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inner character

bark, Flickr

We all know the old adage, actions speak louder than words. And as trite as it comes across, it's also true. The following things really let you know who someone is. So sit back, relax and think back to all those people you thought were acting like a bag of dicks, when in reality they were only human...

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A wise philosopher once said "Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." That philosopher was Yoda and truer words have never been spoken. But what he forgot to mention was that suffering leads back to hate which, in turn leads to fear and anger in a self-perpetuating cycle. Also Force powers. Can't forget that.

To sum it up...Afraid

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A_of_DooM, Flickr

The Situation: Your boss is pleasant, attentive and helpful when his or her boss is around. But when it's just you and your boss, they're curt, distracted and never seem to understand where your requests for better resources are coming from or care about granting them. It's a classic example of sucking up to someone who has the power and not showing respect to another who lacks it. This can also apply to the way someone treats wait staff, customer service reps and street prostitutes. Maybe this kind of person actually is a bag of dicks...

To sum it up...: Lack of Empathy

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Kid_SBTG, Flickr

The Situation: When someone lets us in on their personal issues, we feel for them. We really do. But, remember: it's all being told from their perspective. Perception is a strong phenomenon. If frequent problems arise, it could mean they're either surrounding themselves with unhealthy people and situations or they're the common thread acting as the architect of their own unhappiness.

To sum it up...: Drama-queen (or king...)

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Tobyotter, Flickr

The Situation: Often, unhappy people are pretty selfish people. But it doesn't always have to be that way. Sometimes you'll find the rare unhappy person who still considers the needs of others as often as they consider their own. So if need be, just politely ask them to put down their tub of Chunky Monkey and treat you with the respect you deserve.

To sum it up...: Selfish

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mikecogh, Flickr

The Situation: Sometimes that hardcore competitive spirit conveys a compulsion to prove something to others. Have you ever met someone who absolutely had to kick your ass at Jenga? It's exhausting.

To sum it up...: Insecure

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rhinman, Flickr

The Situation: Just as bad as a sore winner is a loser who can't stand being second place. Instead of understanding their shortcomings and using that knowledge to overcome future obstacles, they'll ruminate and look for fault in factors that had little to no impact. The next time you challenge a sore loser at anything, just remember what you're getting yourself into...especially if it rhymes with Bonopoly.

To sum it up...: Insecure

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lmnop88a, Flickr

The Situation: Simply put, transference is a psychological occurrence that's characterized by sub-conscious redirection of emotions from one person to another. Ever met someone who acted like a dick every time something else was bringing them down, or a had a girlfriend who couldn't trust you because she'd been burned before? People that have a tough time differentiating one situation from another are often allowing their emotions to guide their actions. And while the emotional roller coaster can be fun for a while, (i.e. crazy chicks who are equally crazy in bed) that shit gets real old, real quick.

To sum it up...: Childish

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Grubby Mits, Flickr

The Situation: While it's not lying per se, some people talk about things they wish were part (or still part) of their lives as if they were current. I once went out with a girl who spoke about parts of her life as if they were happening...like, now, as in the present. It took weeks to figure out that she was just longing for things she used to have and was actually pretty unhappy with how her life had turned out. Talking about the glory days when you're only in your mid-20s? Now that is depressing to all party's involved.

To sum it up...: Unfulfilled

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