Transcend: WiFi SD cards for your camera with more space

by 5 years ago

WiFi SD cards are great for your camera. Yes, they store the photos you shoot, smartass. It’s the WiFi part that’s handy. They can be configured to, for example, upload photos you take directly to the cloud, or making them easier to access on your phone or email to friends. But they’re also slow as hell thanks to being a Class 6 and limited in storage space.



Transcend manages to address both issues.

First of all, Transcend is a Class 10 card, meaning it’s lightning fast when collecting images. Secondly, it tops out at 32GB for $100, a substantial improvement in price over other wireless cards.

The really useful part, though, is the accompanying app you use with the card. The app arranges the photos in a file system, and allows you to, for example, download a photo you’ve taken from the card, run it through a few filters, and then post it on Facebook. Or configure the card to upload photos when it senses a wireless hotspot.

It’s a very accessible and useful little tool, especially if you’re the photographer for a group of people and don’t feel like sending massive zip files to people or upload a bunch of pictures to Facebook. If nothing else it’ll save you some whining about when you’ll get around to posting pictures.

Transcend [Official Site]

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