Transparent Speaker sounds good, looks good

By 12.14.12

When it comes to looks, speakers are pretty much all about as attractive as baboon ass. At best, you’ve got a finished wood box and at worst, the speaker looks like the box it came in. People People, a Swedish company, is aiming to fix this with a speaker that blends it by being, well, transparent.

People People

People People

The Transparent Speaker is, well, pretty self-explanatory. The speaker housing is completely clear plastic, and the result is surprisingly unobtrusive.

On the audio side, it’s got a 6.5 inch subwoofer and two 3-inch full range drivers, which is pretty good and will sound great to everybody but very picky audiophiles. It comes with digital signal processing built into its control box, which has old-school control knobs for bass, treble, and volume.

The really nice part is that this thing is pretty much completely configurable. Want to use it with Bluetooth or WiFi? It’s got a powered USB slot. Want to use it with your Apple stuff? It’s got a “toaster” setup in the back? Want to use it with a standard minijack? It’s got them both front and back.

In short, it’s a very cleverly designed device that’ll fit in no matter where you take it. You can get them on Kickstarter fully assembled starting at $490.

Transparent Speaker [Kickstarter]

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