Travel surge protector is the best ten bucks you’ll ever spend

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If you’re traveling, and you’ve got your phone plugged in, the last thing you need is a surge of power to fry your phone or tablet. If this happens, you’ll be stuck hunting up a mobile store or just hoping you don’t have any calls.

travel surge protector

Photo Credit: Satechi

But for ten bucks, you can get some small, portable protection from this menace.

Satechi’s travel surge protector is ingeniously simple and can take the place of your phone’s wall wart. Plug it into the wall, and you have a surge-protected USB port to plug your phone in and also a protected outlet to guard your laptop. That’s another pretty distinct advantage: This won’t eat up any outlet space while still allowing you to charge up your devices.

Admittedly, as it only comes in green, it may not be the most fashionable of phone accessories, but so what? It’s dirt cheap at ten bucks, and nice and small as well. You can buy a few, toss them in your overnight bag, and never have to worry about a fried phone or destroyed computer again. That’s worth the cost of a good sixer.

USB Surge Protector [Satechi]

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