Twitcident makes Twitter useful

by 6 years ago

More often than not, we learn about major accidents and other problems from Twitter first. It’s a useful way to get news about car crashes, fires, shootings, all sorts of awful tragedies.



The problem is, if you’re a first-responder, you really don’t have time to go scrolling through piles of hash-tags and blathering idiocy to get at the vital information being tweeted out by observers.

This is where Twitcident comes in.

At its most basic, Twitcident is ultimately a web filter: once it becomes aware of something potentially dangerous happening, it starts monitoring tweets about that incident, as well as members of Twitter who seem to be posting about it. It filters out all the garbage, like @ replies and other stuff that happens on Twitter as a matter of course, and focuses on finding key information.

It’s also useful to the general public, because it can find, say, a car crash on the interstate and let you know that traffic is backed up to the state line, so maybe consider picking another route to work. Twitcident should have a public beta this fall.

Twitcident Fights Fires With Twitter [Wired]

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