Twitter has officially added photo editing to its list of features

by 5 years ago

If you’ve ever wanted to tweet a photo, but weren’t entirely happy with it, good news. Twitter has just rolled out a suite of features to help you cut, filter, and otherwise try to salvage your total lack of photographic skill.

It’s fairly simple:

For those who can’t watch a video, it’s pretty simple: Take a photo, press the camera button while in a tweet, pick a photo from your library, and then you can either use a single button press to tweak it, go into the filters yourself, or crop it.

There are a few things that could be better. For example, there doesn’t seem to be an undo button; you need to either commit or back out of the entire tweet to get back to zero. Similarly, it doesn’t seem to be quite web enabled yet, and will only roll out to mobile apps first. And there are, for now, only eight filters.

Still, if you must share a photo of your meal with the entire universe, then you at least have an option that isn’t Instagram to do it with.

Put A Filter On It! [Twitter]

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