Two incredibly handy apps for weather disasters

by 5 years ago

I live in Massachusetts, which means currently I’m spending half my time getting informed about weather disasters. And I’ve found there are two very, very handy applications to have on my phone and tablet.

Base Velocity

Base Velocity

The first is one I’ve talked about before: Radarscope. Radarscope is actually not an app designed for consumers: It’s a tool for professional meteorologists and hardcore weatherheads, but it shows radar weather patterns in detail across more than one hundred radars. Plus, you can see patterns in motion with animations that load quickly and can be zoomed in or out easily. It’s a very handy app if you want to know exactly what you’re in for, weatherwise.

The other is Scanner911 Pro, available for Android. For obvious reasons, police and EMS tend to know about problems ranging from power outages to downed trees much more quickly than the average citizen, although Twitter has done a lot to level that playing field. Still, it’s handy to have on your phone to keep an ear out, especially if you’re forced to drive.

So download them and keep them handy: You’ll never know when you’ll need them.

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