VIDEO: Pro gamer’s sexist remarks on ‘Street Fighter X Tekken’ reality show lead to internet drama

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For those weren’t aware, there’s been a debate raging on gaming message boards and blogs for the past few, regarding professional fighting gamers and the stuff that comes out of their mouths. Which in this case relates to what a guy said to his female cohort in Cross Assault, the Street Fighter X Tekken reality show.

Now that the dust has settled, time for normal people (aka our fine Guysim audience) to learn what the deal is, in easy to digest, hyperbole free chunks: on the aforementioned Capcom reality program, one guy has gotten a ton of flack over some super questionable, and flat out creepy things said to his female teammate.

The following video has the male in question, Aris Bakhtanians, constantly giving Miranda “Super Yan” Pakozdi a hard time over her gender…

As is often the case, some of the jokes uttered would be totally fine if they were made by someone close, like a boyfriend, brother, or long-time pal. Not some dude that she’s involved with on a reality show (and that’s driven by video games, making it all the weirder). Add in the fact that these questionable comments come one after another and another, plus how everything is being live-streamed… you get my point.

But the real controversy stems from how Pakozdi forfeited a match, due to mental distress from all of Bakhtanians’s verbal abuse. While many are in Pakozdi’s corner, not surprisingly, many have also excused Bakhtanians’ behavior by stating, hey, comes with the territory.

The dude is actually her team leader, and many believe that he was just trying to toughen her up, much like a hard-assed drill sergeant. You know, like in Full Metal Jacket? So part of the debate has been whether or not if he actually meant any ill will towards his statements. I personally don’t think so, yet I also believe there’s truth in every joke.

Also, not to bring looks into the equation, but if you’re a huge hairy fat guy like Bakhtanians, picking on slim and slender girl like Pakozdi, it’s going to look bad regardless. Speaking of which, another major point of contention is how she supposedly asked him to cut it out, and the big man refused. Not cool and not smart.

Yet defenders of men’s rights to spout dumb things at women have been quick to point out that Pakozdi’s behavior during the verbal assault somewhat contradicts her after the fact accusations of sexual harassment, since her reaction in the video above, and in other instances, is to just giggle and basically go “Oh you guys.”

But what else is she supposed to do? She knows that he’s saying stuff to get under her skin, since it’s a competition and all. Yet with that in mind, perhaps she herself should not allow herself to ultimately get so upset over the statement’s themselves? Hence why this is actually a complicated issue, and not necessarily so black and white, as many online pundits would like you to believe.

Though ultimately, such stupid behavior is, well, stupid. And I’m not saying that Bakhtanians and his cohorts are indicative of all gamers out there, but it sure doesn’t helpall the negative stereotypes they have. But unfortunately, there’s sexism everywhere. It’s not a defense, just a fact.

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