VIDEO: “Ryan” responds to drunk girl’s rambling voicemail

By 03.31.11  •  4 Comments

Yesterday, we covered the drunken voicemail ramblings of a girl named Dominic and her love for a guy she just met named Ryan. What we didn’t realize when we posted it was that Guyism video correspondent K. Ryan Jones was actually the Ryan in question. Fortunately, he provided us with a video explaining the situation when he first heard the voicemail. And here it is, an exclusive!

I’m just optimistic things will work out between these two. The heart wants what it wants. And sometimes, what it wants is liberal doses of needy, crazy vagina. Like “foaming at the mouth, sending dismembered Barbie dolls” crazy. The more likely your vagina is to be taken out in the field and shot in the face like Old Yeller, the better.

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