VIDEO: Tony Hawk video games are looking to make a comeback

by 6 years ago

Before there was Rock Band, Angry Birds, or any of the other games that lay claim to uniting the non-gaming masses, you had Tony Hawk Pro Skater for the original PlayStation. It made video games cool, back when it was still the occupation of dorks and the like. And now it’s looking to make a comeback.

You see, after many years of dull and crappy sequels, which drifted further and further away from the core formula of Tony Hawk video games… which recently culminated in a pair of titles that had you actually standing on some goofy, skate-boarding like controller that was just as bad as it sounded… a HD remix of the stuff that people actually liked is just what the doctor needed.

The aptly titled Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD takes the best levels from the first two games and adds in today’s biggest shredders. Sorry fans of Chad Muska, he’s nowhere to be found, and the original soundtrack has also been replaced, due to rights issues naturally. But otherwise, it’s the old game that many of us in our 30s still have fond memories of.

Oh, and for the record, Tony Hawk still claims that those two motion based atrocities are still good. Whatever you say Tony.

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