Voice search: Finally there’s a reason to use Google TV

By 11.15.12

You probably haven’t thought about Google TV lately. Or further away than lately. Or quite possibly at all. And nobody could blame you: It was an experiment that has, so far, not really done much more than serve as a T-shirt for your TV Guide.

Google TV


But that’s finally about to change with a very simple addition: Voice Search.

Seriously, this is the TV you’re looking for. For example, say “ESPN” and it automatically flips over to ESPN. Want to watch Game of Thrones? Just say the name and viewing options will automatically appear, ranging from waiting for HBO to get off its ass for the third season to buying the first season off of Amazon.

There’s a catch, of course: The voice search overhaul won’t be coming to every Google TV enabled device, which is OK, since you probably don’t own one anyway. It’ll start with the LG devices and then roll out to every second generation device.

No, to my knowledge, it will not help you find dirty movies on the Internet. But really, if you need help with that there’s no hope for you.

Google TV Now Faster And Easier [Google Blog]

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