Waiter gets fired for revealing Peyton Manning tip

by 6 years ago

A Peyton Manning $200 tip set the internet ablaze earlier this week when the waiter shared a photo of the bill with some friends. A few days later and said waiter has been fired by the restaurant. Harsh treatment? Perhaps. But in these tough economic times, you may want to consider choosing what you share with a bit more discretion.

The Angus Barn’s owner, a man by the name of Van Eure, was none too pleased when the information got out going as far as saying, ““this goes against every policy we have. It’s just horrible.” Well, let’s back off a little there Mr. Van Eure. First, let’s get this out of the way, your name sucks. Secondly, you got some free advertising out of it, so spare us the smoke-filled coffeehouse crap about privacy.

Give that man back his job or you’ll be subject to the wrath of the internet.

The Server Who Posted Peyton Manning’s Huge Tip On The Internet Was Fired Almost Immediately [Sports Grid]

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